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Gospel of Matthew

[Note: This is a working draft of the outline.]

I. Infancy narrative (1:1-2:23)

II. Beginning of Jesus’ ministry (3:1-4:25)

III. Sermon on the Mount (5:1-7:29)

IV. Healings and gathering of followers (8:1-9:34)

V. Disciples on mission to Israel (9:35-11:1)

VI. Jesus’ teaching in Galilee (11:1-12:50)

VII. Parables of the kingdom (13:1-52)

VIII. Ministry in Galilee and surrounding areas (13:53-16:12)

IX. Jesus as messiah who will suffer (16:13-17:23)

X. Instruction for the community (17:24-18:35)

A. On paying the temple tax (17:24-27)

B. Relationships within the community (18:1-35)

XI. Jesus teaches disciples on journey to Jerusalem (19:1-20:34)

XII. Jesus in Jerusalem (21:1-25:46)

A. Entry into Jerusalem and cleansing of the temple (21:1-22)

B. Controversies with religious authorities (21:23-22:46)

C. Denunciation of scribes and Pharisees (23:1-39)

D. Sermon: The end of the world and judgment (24:1-26:1)

1. Prediction: Temple will be destroyed (24:1-2)
2. Coming of the end: Always be watchful (24:3-51)
3. Parable of judgment (25:1-46)

XIII. Passion and Death of Jesus (26:1-27:66)

XIV. Jesus' Resurrection (28:1-20)

A. Empty tomb (28:1-8, 11-15)

B. Jesus appears to the women (28:9-10)

C. Jesus appears to disciples in Galilee: Commission (28:16-20)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2013, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
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