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Gospel of Mark

[Note: This is a working draft of the outline.]

I. Jesus comes preaching the Kingdom (1: 1-3:6)

A. Introduction to Jesus’ ministry: John the Baptist (1:1-15)

B. Calling of the disciples and Jesus’ powerful deeds (1:16-45)

C. Controversies with religious authorities (2:1-3:6)

II. Teaching and healing around the Sea of Galilee (3:7-6:6a)

A. Reaction to Jesus: Who are the true relatives (3:7-25)

B. Disciples hear the parables (4:1-34)

C. Miracles of Jesus (4:35-5:43)

D. Rejection at Nazareth (6:1-6a)

III. Second cycle of teaching and powerful deeds (6:6b-8:21)

A. Sending out of the disciples/death of John the Baptist (6:6b-30)

B. Feeding, walking on water, healing (6:31-56)

C. Controversies over keeping the traditions (7:1-23)

D. Healings, feeding (7:24-8:10)

E. Demand for a sign: the "leaven" of the Pharisees (8:11-21)

IV. Discipleship: seeing and following (8:22-10:52)

A. Healing the blind (8:22-26)

B. Jesus is "messiah"; first passion prediction; discipleship means suffering (8:27-9:1)

C. Transfiguration; disciples fail to heal; second passion prediction (9:2-37)

D. Dispute over greatness / beware of temptation (9:38-50)

E. True discipleship: marriage, children, wealth (10: 1-31)

F. Third passion prediction / dispute over greatness (10:32-45)

G. Healing the blind (10:46-52)

V. Jesus comes to Jerusalem as messianic king (11:1-13:37)

A. Entry to Jerusalem / cursing of the fig tree / cleansing the temple (11:1-25)

B. Controversies with religious authorities / parable of the wicked tenants (11:26-12:44)

C. How disciples are to react to the coming destruction of Jerusalem / no one know the hour of the parousia (13:1-37)

VI. Jesus’ passion and death (14:1-16:8a

A. Woman’s anointing / Judas’ betrayal (14:1-11)

B. Last Supper (14:23-31)

C. Gethsemane: Jesus’ prayer/arrest (14:32-52)

D. Trials of Jesus (14:53-15:20)

E. Crucifixion / ‘Truly this was the Son of God’ (15:21-41)

F. Burial of Jesus / empty tomb: ‘He has been raised (15:42-16:8a)

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