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Gospel of Luke: A Brief Outline

Dennis Bratcher

I. Preface (1:1-4)

II. Infancy narratives: John the Baptist and Jesus (1:5-2:52)

III. Preparation for Jesus’ ministry (3:1-4:13)

A. The Baptist’s preaching and imprisonment (3:1-20)

B. Jesus: Baptism, genealogy, and temptation (3:21-4:13)

IV. Jesus’ ministry in Galilee (4:14-9:50)

A. Proclamation and rejection at Nazareth (4:14-30)

B. Healings and calling of Peter (4:31-5:16)

C. Controversies with Jewish authorities (5:17-6:11)

D. Teaching: Sermon on the Plain (6:12-49)

E. Healings: Testimony to Jesus (7:1-50)

F. Galilean women disciples (8:1-3)

G. Parables: Hearing and doing the word (8:4-21)

H. Miracles: Jesus power (8:22-9:6)

I. Jesus identity, passion prediction and transfiguration (9:7-36)

J. Exorcism, passion prediction and instruction of disciples (9:49-50)

V. Journey to Jerusalem (9:51-19:27)

A. Departure: Rejection in Samaria (9:51-56)

B. Disciples and their mission (9:57-10:24)

C. Parables and sayings of Jesus (10:25-13:21)

D. Rejection of Jesus: warning about Herod, departure from Galilee (13:22-35)

E. Sayings and parables of Jesus (14:1-18:14)

F. Conditions of discipleship, passion prediction (18:15-19:27)

VI. Jesus’ ministry in Jerusalem (19:28-21:38)

A. Entry, lament over Jerusalem and cleansing of the temple (19:28-46)

B. Reaction to Jesus: Hostility and acceptance (19:47-48)

C. Teaching: Controversies with authorities(20:1-21:4)

D. Teaching: Fate of Jerusalem, persecutions, end time (21:5-38)

VII. Passion of Jesus (22:1-23:56a)

A. The empty tomb (23:56b-24:12)

B. Appearance on the road to Emmaus (24:13-35)

C. Appearance commissioning the disciples (24:36-49)

D. Jesus is taken up into heaven (24:50-53)

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright © 2018, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
See Copyright and User Information Notice

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