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Week 3, Thursday:  Joy

Wes Smith

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I have a friend in Alaska who has taken me fishing several times. He is one of those guys who prepares for every conceivable occurrence with diligence. Packing his boat for the trip to the Descha River took more time than we actually spent fishing, or, so it seemed to me. Me? Well, give me a rod and reel and a few lures and get me to the fishing hole.

Time after time, my friend's preparation proved to be time well spent. I could write a book about how his attention to detail repeatedly saved the day. For the "hooked" fisherman who stopped by our camp, Bob had a pair of needle-nosed pliers that did the trick. When the grizzly bear wandered too close, Bob's 357 Magnum sent him packing.

This year when you peer into the manger and see the infant, think about all the amazing preparation. Not one detail is overlooked. The baby Jesus is not only the exact   fulfillment of those who prophesied his birth hundreds of years before it happened, he is also precisely what the people of 2,000 years ago needed and the total answer to our needs today.

No wonder that in eternity we will sing and shout, "Worthy, worthy, worthy!"

~ Wes Smith
McMinnville, OR

Today's Scripture Readings*
[Psalm 50, 59] [Zechariah 4:1-14] [Revelation 4:9-5:5] [Matthew 25:1-13]

Dear Lord,

I have no idea how You knew that the "fullness of time" had arrived for Jesus to enter my world. I'm not sure it's even important that I contemplate that. But, Your plan, Your attention to the details of that day speak very highly of Your ability to credibly have a plan for my life. Lord, help me to trust You as You reveal that plan each day that passes. Help me today to accomplish the things that are necessary so that with You, I am prepared for tomorrow.


*These readings are adapted from the Daily Office of the Book of Common Prayer, Year 2.  For Year 1 readings, see Daily Readings, Advent 1.

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