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Week 2, Friday:  Peace

Barbara Moulton

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The Psalmist reminds us to take refuge in God. My soul is at peace when I rest in Him. Haggai directs us to follow God's priorities. My life is at peace when I expend my energies for God's purposes. Revelation teaches us to persevere in the way of truth. My mind is at peace as I seek His Truth and discern His will. Jesus reminds us to seek inward purity. My heart is at peace when I am united with the perfect will of God.

The world laments that peace is elusive. The Christian knows that peace is found when we accept the reconciliation offered in Christ. The world seeks to distract us during this season. The Christian knows that when we accept God's Christmas gift and follow the simple teachings of God's Word, we will know a peace that passes all understanding.

The song of Christmas delights us, as it delighted the Shepherds so long ago. Like those Shepherds let us listen to the Song of Peace. Let us rejoice in its message. But then, let us seek the Giver of Peace. His name is Jesus.

"Praise be to the Lord, for he showed his wonderful love to me." Psa. 31:21 (NIV)

~ Barbara Moulton
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Today's Scripture Readings*
[Psalm 31] [Haggai 1:1-15] [Revelation 2:18-29] [Matthew 23:27-39]

Dear Friend,

I once was an enemy, I am now Your companion. I once was an outcast, You are now my Brother. I was once weak in my own strength, I am now able to do even greater things than You did. I was once lost in my own despair, I am now upheld and comforted by Your Never Leaving Presence. I was once devastated by sin, I am now set free by the provision of Your Gift. All of that brings peace, a sense of accomplishment and worth, and my eternal thanks.


*These readings are adapted from the Daily Office of the Book of Common Prayer, Year 2.  For Year 1 readings, see Daily Readings, Advent 1.

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