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Week 1, Tuesday:  Hope

Glenn Porter

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Hope, Is an Empty Grave

A sound, a rustling sound,
feet trample ground, a man comes bound
A cross
He drags, His clothes are rags,
His eyes so sad, He
must be bad.


Words flying, Children crying,
women sighing, men dividing,
People gawking, soldiers mocking,
peasants flocking, the sight is shocking.


Questions asked, were you with Him,
the cock crows thrice, a soul grows dim,
of Jews or king of fools,
all ripped away by tortures tools


The crowd goes by, dust starts to fly,
I see
His eyes, begin to cry,
Off until, they all stand still,
the hammers ring, upon the hill


His body slashed, the bloody brow,
Ye be God, what say Ye now?
Forgive them
Father, their sin be mine,
I show
love by painful dying


Bitter herbs, foul taste wells up,
breathing screaming, the soul gives up,
The soldier jabs
Him in the side,
"Oh my," he says, "twas
that died."


Women weeping, cave so dark,
they drag
Him in from off the cart,
The skies grow dark, the curtain rips,
the deed is done, our limbs grow limp


Our faith is lost, we all believed,
Savior died upon that tree,
A boulder seals
His place of rest,
He died in vain, He
failed the test.




The women come, they say they’ve seen,
an empty tomb, and thunder scream,
The tomb is empty, the stones rolled ‘way,
WE have new
HOPE in His Empty Grave.


He died so that we all might live,
gave the greatest gift that was His to give.
There is no death to those who see,
Hope of Jesus
on that Tree.


~ Glenn Porter
Santa Barbara, California, USA

Today's Scripture Readings*
 [Psalm 5, 6] [Amos 3:1-11] [2 Peter 1:12-21] [Matt 21:1-11]

Oh Father,

The horror of the scene grips us each time we dare to consider. And yet, in our hearts we know that without you we are hopeless. Thank You for giving us all the good things in our life. Thank You for allowing us to have the benefit of Your love. And help us each day to remember that our hope comes only as the result of Christ's selfless act of giving all. Let us look forward in His desires and in His will.

*These readings are adapted from the Daily Office of the Book of Common Prayer, Year 2.  For Year 1 readings, see Daily Readings, Advent 1.

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Music provided by Laura's Midi Heaven. Background by Glenn Porter

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