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Genesis Bible Study

Dennis Bratcher

These resources are offered as a ministry of the Christian Resource Institute with no access charge or subscription fees.  (See Copyright and User Information Notice).  If you find these resources useful in your personal Faith journey or ministry,  we only ask that as you use the material you assist us by a contribution or monthly donation to enable us to continue making them available.  See How You Can Help!
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We hope you find something here helpful and invigorating for your own spiritual journey as you read and  reflect upon the book of Genesis (1-11), perhaps from a new perspective.

The Course of Study

Headings in green are now available.  Others will be added as soon as they are ready.

Introduction: Listening to the Text (Lesson 1)

Cultural/Historical Background (Lesson 2)

Creation 1a:  God and Boundaries (Lesson 3, 1:1-25)

Creation 1b:  God and Humanity (Lesson 4, 1:25-2:4)

Creation 2: Human Freedom and Boundaries (Lesson 5, 2:4-25)

The Human Condition:  Across the Boundary (Lesson 6, 3:1-24)

The Mark of Cain: Alienation and Grace (Lesson 7, 4:1-16)

Living East of Eden (Lesson 8, 4:17-5:32)

Noah: Chaos and the Grief of God (Lesson 9, 6:1-8:20)

God's Commitment to His World (Lesson 10, 8:21-9:17)

Babel and Barrenness (Lesson 11, 10:1-11:32)

Reflection: Hearing Genesis in the Modern World (Lesson 12)

The studies themselves are not intended to be comprehensive or complete commentaries on the biblical passages, but rather a survey of the basic story line, a brief analysis on the features of the text that serve to communicate its message, and a summary of the theological communication of the passages as a basis for further reflection.  That means that there will be a lot of interesting details of the biblical narratives that will not be directly considered.

There are several  articles that are available as background and additional reading for the Bible Study:

Guidelines for Interpreting Biblical Narrative

Three Triads of Biblical Interpretation (Graphic for "Guidelines")

Revelation and Inspiration of Scripture

Speaking the Language of Canaan: OT Appropriation of Culture

Worldview Comparisons (Graphic for "Speaking the Language of Canaan")

The Enuma Elish: The Babylonian Creation Myth

The "Fall" - A Second Look: A Literary Analysis of Genesis 2:4-3:24

-Dennis Bratcher, Copyright 2016, Dennis Bratcher, All Rights Reserved
See Copyright and User Information Notice

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