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Short Biblical Topics

Dennis Bratcher

This is a collection of short articles dealing with various aspects of Scripture.   They are not meant to be thorough answers and do not intend to cover all aspects of the issues raised, but do deal with specific issues related to one or more passages.  In some cases, there will be links to more detailed articles that deal with other aspects of the issue.

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Problems with "Plain Sense" Reading of Scripture

The Abbreviations BCE and CE

Sheol, Hell, and the Dead

The Development of the Bible

Old Testament

Sons of God and Giants: Cultural and Historical Context in Genesis 6

Yam Suph:  "Red Sea" or "Sea of Reeds"

God as a "Jealous" God

Did God Order the Massacre of Canaanites?

Jephthah's Rash Vow

Hebrews, Arameans, and Israelites

Psalm 139 and Predestination

God's Immutability: A Proof Text?

New Testament

The Word of God and God's word

The Use of "Father" and "Rabbi" - Religious Titles and Jesus' Teaching

Word of Faith and Commanding: Contextual Analysis of Matthew 21:21

"I am" in John's Gospel

The Time of the Crucifixion

Unequally Yoked: A Study in Context (1 Cor 6:14)

The "Third Heaven" (2 Cor 12:2)

Hebrew/Aramaic Word Meanings

The English Term Perfect:  Biblical and Theological Tensions

Greek Word Meanings

Word of God and God's word

The English Term Perfect:  Biblical and Theological Tensions

Note: There may be Greek and/or Hebrew fonts used in some articles or pages  in the biblical languages section that will not display unless Silver Mountain’s Silver Fonts (Sgreek, Shebrew) are installed as either True Type or Adobe (with Adobe Type Manager) fonts. These are available to download as shareware from Silver Mountain Software. Other types of Greek or Hebrew fonts that you may have installed likely will not display properly because of the way the fonts are mapped to English keyboards.

There are also a few pages that have Hebrew or Greek fonts in Unicode.  These will not display properly unless you have Unicode enabled or multilingual support installed with Greek and Hebrew enabled.

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