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About CRI/Voice

The Voice

The Voice is the Internet web site of  CRI/Voice, Institute. It is maintained by Dennis R. Bratcher, who serves as Webmaster and General Editor and the Executive Director of CRI/Voice, Institute. Anyone desiring to participate or contribute, or who wants more information about the web site is encouraged to contact CRI/Voice.


The Voice is the web presence of the Christian Resource Institute, the internet ministry of CRI/Voice, Institute, an independent 501c3 non-profit corporation based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.  Since it is an educational ministry of the Church, all donations are tax deductible in the USA. How You Can Help . . .


CRI/Voice is supervised by a five member Board of Directors (currently four members):

Judy Archer, President - Retired President and general manager of a business in Moore, Oklahoma; she has been active in various local church ministries for many years.

Monte Nabors, Secretary - A retired ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, serving in pastoral ministry for over 25 years; he has earned the DMin and remains active in writing, part-time ministry, and continuing education for pastors.

Jason Smith - Associate Pastor, Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene.

Dennis R. Bratcher, Treasurer and Executive Director -  A retired professor of Old Testament; he has earned the PhD in Biblical studies from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, and has served as a educator in the church for more than 25 years. He is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene, and has served on staff at a United Methodist church.

Global and International Vision

While representing a particular theological tradition (Wesleyan), the goal of CRI/Voice is ecumenical and global.  In this context, ecumenical refers to a deeply held commitment to the unity of the Christian Faith that transcends particular expressions of it, as reflected in the New Testament as well as in the writings of John Wesley (see Catholic Spirit and John Wesley on Differences of Opinion Among Christians).  CRI/Voice is also committed to the Church as an International Community of Faith united by that Faith amid the diversity of culture, nationality, and history.

See How You Can Help to support this ministry.

Other Resources

On site seminars and workshops are available on a range of biblical and theological topics.  These can be done in a variety of formats and targeted at various levels.  Special services of worship, either in week long or single Sunday formats can also be arranged. A Christian Seder Service either as a demonstration or with participation can also be scheduled.

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